• No Animal Testing
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Anti-Itch Formula
All Natural Formulation. Includes stretch mark prevention and anti-itch ingredients. Note that product does not soak quickly into skin like water-based creams; this helps seal in moisture and optimize results! Thick formula and key ingredients keep skin moist, supple and elastic for hours. Oil based, no water, natural cocoa butter scent, no artificial fragrance - ideal for sensitive skin and moms with heightened sense of smell.

Mother's Intuition offers a full line of stretch mark solutions. The stick is travel size and ideal for the active mom. It's easy to apply, won't get on your hands (or under your fingernails!), and minimizes that "itchy" feeling that's common among pregnant moms. There is no water in this product, so it keeps your skin moist and elastic for several hours... perfect for those growing tummies! Ideal when supplemented with Tummy Honey Butter (with Active Prevention System) and/or Tummy Honey Cream (with Active Fading System). Also great for use as an easy-apply moisturizer anytime!