ExpectantSee Pregnancy Timeline is a screensaver that gives you an inside view on fetal development. You'll see interesting facts about pregnancy stages and pictures of major pregnancy milestones. Just purchase, install and enter your due date when prompted. As your pregnancy grows, the pictures automatically update and change. The images move gently, just like your baby. A calendar shows the months of your pregnancy. Click on the calendar to look ahead or back. Facts appear every thirty seconds. Click on today's date to read more facts more quickly.

Main Features:
  • Set your due date.
  • Choose your colors (pink, blue, random).
  • Calendar matches your due date.
  • Click to look ahead or back in time.
  • Text info updates about every 30 seconds.
  • Contains 24 fetal images.
  • Images change according to developmental stages.
  • Pictures move once fetus begins to move at week 12.
Why buy ExpectantSee?

Because there are a lot of changes in 9 months.

To get your partner, children, and parents more involved.

Because experts say it's never too early to bond with baby.

Because you just can't wait for your next ultrasound.

To find out if a fetus can dream... and lots of other interesting facts.