Beaudacious, Bountiful and Bouncy (or Boobs, Bellies and Bottoms) Kit. OK, it's time to get serious. You are growing by the day and it is putting a strain on your skin, so keep it nourished, keep rubbing in moisture and elasticity and you will be rewarded with your pre-stretched skin. But it is hard work? you need to spend long hours langouring in the bath and put your muscles to the test massaging all your bountiful bumps. Sounds lovely? Shhh, that's our little secret ? tell everyone else what hard work it is!

Our BBB Kit contains:

  • Tummy Rub. Tummy Rubbing at its very best. A well-tested rich oil blend to help de-stretch and de-itch. Use it religiously every day. Say NO to stretch marks!
    106ml 3.6fl.oz (also available in 120ml 4.1fl.oz)
  • Boob Tube. Super-firming bust treatment that oxygenates & hydrates delicate skin for extra nourishment. Aim North not South!
    100ml 3.4fl.oz
  • Wonder-Full Balm. Miraculous concentration of waxes and oils to target annoying dry patches. Intense moisture for parched places.
    30ml 1fl.oz