Saves your clothes & the embarrassment!

Miss Oops dry sponges are made of polyurethane, polyether to be specific. This sponge is designed specifically to remove deodorant, baby powder and makeup powder from clothing.

Each red sponge is 3" x 3" with scalloped edges. These edges allow for greater use in hard-to-reach areas, such as in between buttons. Even though the edges are scalloped, customers will have a greater surface area to work with than if the product were round.

The product has a .50 deflection rate. What this means is to the consumer is that Miss Oops is more dense, therefore more sturdy than any other deodorant remover on the market. The density allows for greater use, and it will last longer. In addition to removing deodorant marks, Miss Oops can also remove baby powder and makeup powder. Plus, a small poly bag is included in each purchase so customers can keep Miss Oops in their purse without getting lint on the sponge - something only offered by Miss Oops.

It's an easy way for women to protect the investment they put into their wardrobe. For deodorant marks, makeup powder, and baby powder, why send your clothes to an expensive cleaners when you can take care of the problem yourself without any wear and tear on your garment? Plus, Miss Oops is small enough women can carry it in their purse for emergency "oopsies." Just like you wouldn't forget your handbag before going out, don't forget to take Miss Oops!