Picking up where most pregnancy books leave off, Bouncing Back After Your Pregnancy covers the care of mother and baby and the new family dynamic during the eight to twelve weeks of postpartum adjustment. Written with compassion and packed with sound medical advice, Bouncing Back guides new parents through this most intense, disorienting time, with information on:
  • Recovering from childbirth and regaining strength and vitality
  • What to do if you are having trouble breast-feeding
  • And how to tell if your baby is getting enough milk or formula
  • What to ask in your first visit to the pediatrician
  • Nutritional tips and recommended exercises for getting back in shape
  • Selecting the right childcare arrangements if you are returning to the workplace

And much, much more.

Author(s): Curtis, Glade B., and Schuler, Judith

Publisher: Perseus Books Group

Format: Paperback

List Price: $13.95

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ISBN: 0738206067

Language: English

Pages: 192