This stunning diaper cakes is so beautiful you won't want to use it! However, our cakes use only premium Pampers Swaddlers so the new mom in your life will appreciate this equally practical and elegant gift.

Rockabelly diaper cakes are exclusive to Rockabelly Boutique and can't be found anywhere else! What makes our diaper cakes unique? They are filled with the one thing every baby will use - DIAPERS and nothing more!

Our cakes are carefully arranged with beautiful silk flowers and look good from every angle, making them the perfect centerpiece. Color schemes can range from classic to wild to match Mom-to-be's personality. Each cake is handcrafted to order and is one of a kind.

This, our Supreme Cake comes with 113 size 1 or 2 diapers.

To order or inquire about our exclusive diaper cakes please call us @ 703-855-4615 or write to us below. Please include the size diapers you prefer as well as color and style when placing your order. Does the mama to be have a favorite type of flower? A specific color scheme for babies room? We can accommodate most color and style requests, although specific flower requests, changes in size, etc. may affect the price.

Diaper cakes aren't just for showers! Consider this elegant and practical gift for these occasions and more:
  • Welcoming new baby from the hospital
  • Baby showers/Centerpiece
  • Christening/Baptism
  • Nursery decor
  • The perfect gift for a second baby who parents already have everything they need