Oh my goodness, you're pregnant! You are now a supermama under construction. Well these treats are designed to take you the whole nine yards and get you to forty weeks feeling mentally fit and well with fantastic skin? what more can you ask for, besides a pain free birth? which, alas, is beyond even our products' power! Whilst "under construction" you will be amazed at how far and how fast your skin can stretch. Our job is to moisturise, nourish and elasticise your skin. Your job is to pamper yourself; luxuriate and massage while dreaming of flat tummies!

Our Congratulations Kit contains:
  • Moisturising Shower Cream - Gives you the hydrating benefits of an oil-rich bath when you only have time for a shower. Crème de la créme. 300ml 10fl.oz

  • Super-rich Body Cream - This extra juicy soufflé is quickly absorbed to superbly hydrate and nourish your whole body. You can never be too rich? 200ml 6.8fl.oz

  • Tummy Rub - Tummy Rubbing at its very best. A well-tested rich oil blend to help de-stretch and de-itch. Use it religiously every day. Say NO to stretch marks! 106ml 3.6fl.oz (also available in 120ml 4.1fl.oz)