It is important to have your bag packed and ready to go long before you think you should. This kit ensures your countdown will feel warm and fragrantly familiar. There is a Gravida Candle for making the room smell heavenly, Calming Facial Spritz to keep you cool, Tummy Rub, because that tummy doesn't just disappear (sorry? but it's true) and a Mini Massage Oil to help you relax and breathe deeply? this is the most magical moment in all the world. So enjoy, you are about to make a miracle.

Our IT's TIME! Hospital Kit contains:
  • Gravida Candle - A fragrant halo of calm. Superheaven.

  • Facial Spritz - Chilled out, even in the hottest of flushes. Keep your cool. 53ml 1.8fl.oz

  • Tummy Rub - Tummy Rubbing at its very best. A well-tested rich oil blend to help de-stretch and de-itch. Use it religiously every day. Say NO to stretch marks! 106ml 3.6fl.oz (also available in 120ml 4.1fl.oz)

  • Mini Massage Oil - Ok, now you?ve got the excuse you've got to work it. Guilt your loved ones into massaging liberally. No pain? just gain. 53ml 1.8fl.oz (also available in 106ml 3.6fl.oz)