It may be that you travel a lot or because you have a problem with commitment. Either way, minis are useful and, lets face it, ridiculously cute. So, lock yourself in the nearest bathroom and get pampering!

Tummy Rub - Tummy Rubbing at its very best. A well- tested rich oil blend to help de-stretch and de-itch. Use it religiously every day. Say NO to stretch marks! 23.6ml 0.8fl.oz

Boob Tube - Super-firming bust treatment that hydrates and oxygenates delicate skin for extra nourishment. Aim North not South! 10g 0.3fl.oz

Wonder-Full Balm - Miraculous concentration of waxes and oils to target annoying dry patches. Intense moisture for parched places. 8g 0.28USfl.oz

Moisturising Shower Cream - Gives you the hydrating benefits of an oil-rich bath when you only have time for a shower. Crème de la crème. 30ml 1fl.oz

Super-rich Body Cream - This extra juicy soufflé is quickly absorbed to superbly hydrate and nourish your whole body. You can never be too rich? 200ml 6.8fl.oz

Mini Gravida Candle - A fragrant halo of calm. Superheaven.